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Scott Quiggle

CEO at Cool Queue Studios

"Cool Queue has become my personal brand. Developing websites was a fun thing to do on the side. Now, although still fun, it is a serious business. "

Web Development Services Graphic

I use the latest tools, plugins and themes for WordPress website development. I design, create, enhance and customize websites with php, css, html 5, and/or JavaScript. Let me build a fun, interactive, SEO and Mobile friendly site for you.

Website Services

  • Corporate Websites
  • Small Business Websites
  • Author / Artist / Musician Sites
  • Online Marketplace Sites
  • Social Media Integrations

My hourly rate is:


Is your website mobile friendly?

Have you been demoted by google search?

Does your site look like it was built in the 90's?

Is it SEO friendly?

I can help you with that!

I use a powerful, highly responsive, feature laden theme to  bring your site up to today's standards and make it beautiful. 

I have been developing software for more than a quarter of a century and really enjoy keeping up with the latest technological trends. It's how I pay the bills. I am an expert developer, project manager, and writer. I have run multiple development teams and multi-million dollar software projects with the highest level of success. Nothing keeps me in the tech loop like getting my hands "into the earth" doing work like this. Let me help you with your project. 

I am located in San Diego, California but can build you a site no matter where you are. 

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