Wine Making at Quiggle Vineyards

Pictures and stories about building, planting, and maintaining Quiggle Vineyards, as well as making wine from the harvested grapes and everything involved with the process of making wine at home.

10 Reasons Why This Year’s Harvest Failed

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10 Reasons Why This Year’s Harvest Failed

This is my first post in this category so I will make a few brief statements here about Quiggle Vineyards. In 2002 I got the grand idea to raise a few grape varietals and from them make wine. I read a book called “From Vines to Wines” by Jeff Cox to educate myself. I recruited a group of friends to help me build the trellis system. I planted about 75 vines in my first year with my own muscle, sweat and blisters. Originally, there was Muscat of Alexandria, Zinfandel, and Merlot. Later I added Catawba. Someday I will write about (and share) the experience of building and nurturing my small vineyard. Today I am jumping into the present. Widgets You are looking at a picture (Left) of the five lonely gallons of wine that will come out of Quiggle...

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