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A Story of Modding in Civilization V – Part I

»Posted by on Aug 24, 2013 in Cool Queue Studios, Games Development & Reviews, SRQ Blogs | 1 comment

A Story of Modding in Civilization V – Part I

Count this as my first post in SRQBlog in the games category and in being the first, I will take a moment to define “modding” as well as discuss where my “position” in this underworld is. Modding is a slang expression for modifying hardware or software to do something different than the designer’s published version intended. I consider myself an old-timer. I have dabbled in modding games since I re-wrote half of Tuesday Morning Quarterback for the Apple IIe to play and record  NFL formula generated schedules, regular and post seasons, display statistics,  and give all-star caliber players bonuses. That was a long time ago and I’ve edited and modded many games since then. I never hang around in any one game, or even genre, long enough to become an expert. I play...

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